Vampir 10.4


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    Vampir 9.11.1 bugfix released

    There is a new Vampir 9.11.1 bugfix release available now.

    We fixed the Performance Radar when filtering out thread locations or showing metrics on non-thread locations.

    We further improved the dark mode for the Find and Performance Radar Dropdown, and the activity gears.

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  • 27
    Vampir 9.11.0 released

    We are pleased to announce the feature release of Vampir 9.11.0.

    All summary charts now have the same feature set. This includes the pie charts, color preferences, and sorting options. We further improved the CSV export in all these displays.

    The I/O file and handle trees in the Shared Resource Timeline have been corrected and improved.

    The color scales in the Performance Radar and the overlay can now have transparency.

    The VampirServer communication infrastructure was reworked. This requires ...

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    Vampir 9.10.0 released

    We are pleased to announce the feature release of Vampir 9.10.0.

    This version introduces Linux ARMv8 (64-bit) as a new platform for both the client and the server packages. Please contact us for further questions.

    A new custom metric was added, which counts the number of I/O operations and also improved the options for I/O metric sources in the custom metric editor.

    Other notable changes include:

    • Improved error messages when importing a license/activation file
    • Improved high-DPI and dark mode ...

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    Vampir 9.9 released

    There is a new Vampir 9.9.0 release version available now.

    This version introduces a new Collective Operation Summary chart, showing various statistics for collective operations. Furthermore accelerator device idle statistics are added to the System Tree chart.

    Other changes are customization and export capabilites for function groups, an option to group by source code location in Function Summary chart and the Master Timeline chart now allows to group processes according to the system ...

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  • 29
    Vampir 9.8 released

    There is a new Vampir 9.8.0 release version available now.

    This version replaces the former I/O Timeline with a more generic Shared Resource Timeline chart and introduces for the first time File I/O and CUDA devices as shared resources. Other changes are an additional histogram showing value distribution in color scales, a separation of the function group MPI into fine-grained groups like MPI One-Sided etc. and the demangling of C++ functions names and creation of groups based on their ...

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