Vampir 10.4

Vampir 9.11.0 released


We are pleased to announce the feature release of Vampir 9.11.0.

All summary charts now have the same feature set. This includes the pie charts, color preferences, and sorting options. We further improved the CSV export in all these displays.

The I/O file and handle trees in the Shared Resource Timeline have been corrected and improved.

The color scales in the Performance Radar and the overlay can now have transparency.

The VampirServer communication infrastructure was reworked. This requires to rebuild the MPI driver module.

Other notable changes include:

  • The Preference dialog can now reduced in its size again to fit on small screens
  • The vampirserver script now also understands --auth=passphrase as an alias of --auth=crpw-rnd
  • A new server launcher was added for use from inside an existing Slurm allocation (srun)
  • Several other fixes and stability improvements