Vampir 10.4

Vampir 10.0.2 bugfix released


There is a new Vampir 10.0.2 bugfix release available now.

We fixed multiple crashes involving using SSH connections. Restored the performance of the Function Summary chart. Finally we fixed the counter interpolation mode.

Other notable changes:

  • Re-enable automatic version check.
  • Avoid showing minimum values in summary charts by default.
  • Fix faulty sorting in the I/O Summary.
  • Fix additional Context View tabs being opened on redocking and unhiding.
  • Fix a problem when using Reopen while a System Tree is open.
  • Fix the global communication filter not being applied in the Collective Operation Summary.
  • Fix vertical scrolling in the Shared Resource Timeline.
  • Fix undefined sizes not being labeled as such in the I/O Summary.
  • Fix wrong clustering names in the Process Summary.
  • Fix handling of NaN values in the System Tree.
  • Fix Summary Timeline if it has a non-zero offset in the Comparison View.
  • Improve handling if no free port can be used in VampirServer.