Vampir 10.4

Vampir 10.0.1 bugfix released


There is a new Vampir 10.0.1 bugfix release available now.

We fix reloading traces with F5. Previously, reloading a trace would only close the current window. We further fixed Vampir crashes when redocking undocked displays and closing a trace with opened undocked displays.

Other notable changes:

  • Fix function filtering in the Process Summary display.
  • Fix switching between cluster modes in the Process Summary display.
  • Fix infinite loop for very fine zoom levels.
  • Fix counter average calculation if NaN values are involved.
  • Fixes to the vertical range in the Counter Timeline.
  • Allow selection of Hardware Hierarchy only for the Accelerator Device Idle metrics in the System Tree display.
  • Add loading animation to the System and Call Tree displays.
  • Fix initializing filter settings in a new Compare Session when importing from an already running Single Trace session.
  • Fix font size and label color issues in the System Tree display.
  • Fix visibility of the Find Widget in the System Tree display if the caption is disabled.
  • Improve error messages if no X11 display is available on Linux.
  • Fix license activation in headless mode (--activate-license).