Vampir 10.1


The appearance of the trace file and various other application settings can be altered in the preferences accessible via the main menu entry File -> Preferences. Settings concerning the trace file itself, e.g. layout or function group colors are saved individually next to the trace file in a file with the ending .vsettings. This way it is possible to adjust the colors for individual trace files without interfering with others.

The options Import Preferences and Export Preferences provide the loading and saving of preferences of arbitrary trace files.

General Preferences

The General settings allow to change application and trace specific values.

General Settings
General Settings

Show time as decides whether the time format for the trace analysis is based on seconds or ticks.

With the Automatically open context view option disabled Vampir does not open the context view after the selection of an item, like a message or function.

Use color gradient in charts allows to switch off the color gradient used in the performance charts.

The next option allows to change the style and size of the font.

Show source code enables the internal source code viewer. This viewer shows the source code corresponding to selected locations in the trace file. In order to open a source file first click on the intended function in the Master Timeline and then on the source code path in the Context View. For the source code location to work properly, you need a trace file with source code location support. The path to the source file can be adjusted in the Preferences dialog. A limit for the size of the source file to be opened can be set, too.

In the Analysis section the number of analysis threads can be chosen. If this option is disabled, Vampir determines the number automatically by the number of cores, e.g. two analysis threads on a dual-core machine.

In the Updates section the user can decide if Vampir should check automatically for new versions.

Vampir also features a color blindness support mode.

On Linux systems there is also the Document layout option available. If this option is enabled all open Trace View windows need to stay in one main window. If it is disabled, the Trace View windows can be moved freely over the Desktop.


In the Appearance settings of the Preferences dialog there are six different objects for which the color options can be changed. The functions/function groups, markers, counters, collectives, messages, and I/O events. Choose an entry and click on its color to make a modification. A color picker dialog opens where it is possible to adjust the color. For messages and collectives a change of the line width is also available.

Appearance Settings
Appearance Settings

In order to quickly find the desired item a search box is provided at the bottom of the dialog.

Saving Policy

Vampir detects whenever changes to the various settings are made. In the Saving Policy dialog it is possible to adjust the saving behavior of the different components to the own needs.

Saving Policy Settings
Saving Policy Settings

In the dialog Saving Behavior you tell Vampir what to do in the case of changed preferences. The user can choose the categories of settings, e.g., the layout, that should be affected by the selected behavior. Possible options are that the application automatically Always or Never saves changes. The default option is to have Vampir asking you whether to save or discard changes.

Usually the settings are stored in the folder of the trace file. If the user has no write access to it, it is possible to place them alternatively in the Application Data Folder. All such stored settings are listed in the tab Locally Stored Preferences with creation and modification date.

Note: On loading Vampir always favors settings in the Application Data Folder.

Default Preferences offers to save preferences of the current trace file as default settings. Then they are used for trace files without settings. Another option is to restore the default settings. Then the current preferences of the trace file are reverted.