Vampir 10.5

Vampir 10.4.1 bugfix released


There is a new Vampir 10.4.1 bugfix release available now.

Notable changes:

  • Many icons did not show up on Windows.
  • The Marker display did not react to color changes via the Context Information display.
  • Fix NaN values in the Function Summary.
  • Metric operation boxes in the Custom Metric editor could not be closed.
  • Fix Vampir crash when closing a Comparison Session.
  • Support pre-OTF2 3.1/Score-P 9.0 thumbnails.
  • Trying to add a Chrome Trace via the Comparison Session Manager wrongly opened those traces in a background window.
  • Fix abnormal program termination when opening a trace with counters in a Comparison Session.
  • Fix abnormal program termination when closing a remotely opened trace.
  • Reenable reading of OTF2 traces written with SIONlib on supported platforms and compressed OTF traces.
  • Linux installer now refuses to install if the architecture does not match.