Vampir 10.4

Vampir 10.4.0 released


We are pleased to announce the feature release of Vampir 10.4.0.

This major release introduces multiple new features.

Noteworthy Changes:

String-valued Function Attributes

Numeric-valued attributes on function events as a metric source have been supported by Vampir for a long time. Now it is also possible to operate on string-valued attributes. This custom metric source yields 1 as the value if the attribute value is in a defined set of accepted values.

In addition, the Function Summary chart and the Function Summary Timeline can use these string-valued attributes to derive a new grouping.

I/O Attribute Metric Source

Attributes on I/O events are now supported as a metric source.

Date and Duration Formatting Mode

For traces that include date information, Vampir uses a Date mode to render timestamps and durations.

Duration formatting can be customized in the General Preferences dialog.

Other notable changes include:

  • Add a combo box for selecting the reduction type (minimum, maximum, average) to the Master Timeline's performance overlay.
  • Add function filter to Function Attribute* metric source.
  • Add an option to toggle timelines for groups in the Master Timeline.
  • Add the option to quit Vampir after the last opened trace has been closed instead of showing the Open Dialog again.
  • Change the default chart height in the Master Timeline and Performance Radar to Fit to Chart*.
  • The full window screenshot tool now renders the window internally. This reduces compatibility issues and also enables scalable vector graphics export with formats such as PDF and SVG.
  • The icons for adding displays will now be grayed out when the trace does not contain any events for the display to use.
  • Fix marker creation via the Master Timeline, which led to wrong time spans being assigned.
  • Do not reset the scroll bar on expansion state or process filter changes in the _Master Timeline.
  • Show status bar information when doing a vertical zoom in the Master Timeline.