Vampir 10.4

Vampir 10.2.1 bugfix released


There is a new Vampir 10.2.1 bugfix release available now.

Notable changes:

  • Fix dialog being erroneously confirmed when pressing enter in the address bar of the open file dialog.
  • Fix find widget not being cancellable with escape in the Function Summary display.
  • Fix low-contrast window-resize icon in dark mode.
  • Fix selection issue for the measuring points in the counter selection dialog.
  • Fix the open dialog not being displayed when canceling the open subset dialog with escape.
  • Fix trace loading error for OTF2 traces containing I/O delete events.
  • Keep item selections when exporting images.
  • Fix segmentation fault in the comparison view.
  • Fix color change issues in I/O preference dialog.
  • Fix locations being shown even when they have been filtered with the open subset dialog.
  • Add tooltip for function name edit button in the Context Information display.
  • Fix missing check boxes in function selection dialog.
  • Fix indentation in the Context Information display after the list of attributes.
  • Fix custom metrics using non-commutative operations being wrong.
  • Fix CSV support for strings containing double quotes or semicolons.
  • Fix wrong global filter names in the Set Process context menu.
  • Fix wrong function colors for renamed functions in the Context Information display.
  • Fix crash when changing the font while a comparison of two Context Information display tabs are open.