Vampir 10.4

Vampir has been improved with VampirTrace 5.6


Time synchronization between MPI processes has been improved significantly with VampirTrace 5.6 so that "backwards running" messages should occur almost never ever again. The new synchronized flushing procedure will reduce overall runtime of a traced application if intermediate buffer flushes become necessary. VampirTrace 5.6 introduces enhanced support for multithreaded applications which now comprises POSIX Threads in addition to OpenMP. VampirTrace 5.6 has been extended for tracing MPI-2 collective and I/O operations. Hardware performance counters are now accessible on NEC SX platforms. The statistics generation of the new VampirTrace version covers collective operations in addition to function and point-to-point message statistics. Those statistics can be transformed into a TeX document by the Open Trace Format (OTF) profiler of the prepackaged OTF version 1.5. Together with the release of VampirTrace 5.6, a BETA of the upcoming version will be made available that supports tracing on IBM Cell systems.