Vampir 10.3

Vampir 9.1 released


At the ISC High Performance 2016 in Frankfurt we presented our most recent improvements in performance tracking and visualizing on the road to exascale.

We introduced Vampir 9.1 that offers new performance charts, customizable performance metrics, extended grouping and filtering, and new support for sampling traces.

Selected highlights include:

  • New visualization of the system tree together with summarized metric values and the usage of customizable process groups simplify the analysis of the parallel behavior that impacts performance.
  • Changed handling and visualization of message bursts.
  • Support for traces generated by Score-P 3.0

The latest version of Score-P 3.0 provides numerous improvements and new features. These include support for instrumentation of OpenACC codes based on the profiling interface specified in OpenACC 2.5 and extraction of enhanced topology information from the Slurm topology tree plugin.